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Financial Inventories

A financial inventory is simply the retail value of your inventory broken up by area and or location.

Key Features

  • We simply take the shelf price and quantity and put them in our equipment to get the value of your inventory.

  • Once data collection is complete, the data is then loaded onto a PC and compiled for reports.

  • We can provide several standard reports which meet most needs.

  • We can also provide any type of custom report at no cost to you.

  • We can give you cost figures by simply adding in your markup to our compilation of your inventory data.

  • We perform accuracy checks during every inventory with strict tolerances to ensure that your inventory is accurate.

Key Benefits

  • Lower in cost than scan or item by item inventories.

  • Take less time to compile the data.

  • Meets most owners needs.

What You Get

  • You will get one copy of any and all reports you need for your inventory. (Additional copies at your request.)

  • If needed you will get an electronic copy of all reports you have requested.  

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