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Barcode Services

We can print Barcode Labels for you to fill your tracking needs.  We offer labels only or we can provide you with tracking service where we will place the BarCode label. Then, using handheld tracking devices, input all of the data you need for the asset and compile a database for you to use.

Key Features

  • We print high quality BarCode labels of various sizes to fit your needs.  

  • We can print using any code you choose. 

  • We use the latest technology to collect data for the asset and put it into a database.

  • We can format the database in any way that fits your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Better tracking capabilities.

  • Ease in finding relevant data for the asset.

What You Get

  • A quality BarCode Labeling system.

  • A database that represents your Current Assets.

  • Any Reports from the data that may be needed.

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