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Asset Tracking

We help you to track your assets with several services that can be geared to your needs.  We have the latest equipment for data collection and database building as well as barcode printing and placing. (See Barcode Services)

Key Features

  • Latest equipment for data collection and manipulation.

  • Accurate view of the current state of your assets.

  • Clear reporting of your assets compared to projected.

  • We include all of the needed data for tracking purposes.  This includes location, state, and any other data you need.

  • If you do not have a current database we can build one for you based on your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Track your assets accurately; Know where they are and what state they are in.

  • Get control of your assets by building a database of items to help you track them.

What You Get

  • You will get one copy of any and all reports you need for your asset inventory. (Additional copies available at your request.)

  • If needed you will get an electronic copy of all reports you have requested. 

  • A complete database of your assets in any format you need.

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