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Professional Inventory Contorl Systems currently holds Contracts in both the Government and Private Sectors including several Government Contracts for Inventory Control and Asset Verification.

     1) Space Telescope Science Institute

     2) Montgomery College

     3) Jefferson Labs

     4. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Separate contracts for several regions.

PICS performs services for several long term private sector and retail clients requiring routine and regular inventory services.

Hardware and Equipment:

     1) Scanners: Portable programmable handheld scanning data collection units.  These are capable of being customized to collect the necessary data for the performance.

     2) Computers and Tablets:  Portable computers and tablets to aid in the consolidation and on-site reporting during the performance inventories.


Besides standard Microsoft products, PICS has developed in-house systems to aid in the performance.

     1) Custom conversion software:  This allows us to take data from any system and convert it to work with our systems.

     2) Custom reporting and comparison software:  Allows the collected data to be compared to known data in order to create reports.

     3) Export or convert the data into any format to return updated data to original system.

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